Lansdown’s designers specialise in creating well-proportioned spaces that reflect an understanding of how you live, making the difference between a house and a home.

We combine and implement your thoughts to initially produce sketch schemes that are ideal for reviewing variations of the look or layout for loft conversions, extensions, internal remodels or larger projects such as external ‘facelifts’. This can also include a detailed review of Planning or Building Regulations requirements, but of course all proposals will be developed with this in mind as well as aesthetics and ease.

Once an agreement has been reached on the scheme, a measured survey will be made. We will then prepare an outline set of drawings for approval and incorporate any comments in the final issue.

For the Planning Application, key views or sections can be rendered to illustrate and ‘sell’ the scheme. Design Statements are included as necessary and other reports can be undertaken on a fee basis. Working drawings can then be prepared prior to the commencement of the building work, providing the basis for an easy and stress-free build.


View one of Lansdown’s sample proposals.

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